Priority directions of the laboratory

Study of wild relatives of cultivated plants distributions in the flora of Uzbekistan; To assess the current state of the populations of rare and endangered species of the natural flora of Uzbekistan; As a result of the analysis of a number of organism and population signs of unique elements of flora scattered in various ecological and phytocenotic conditions, it is necessary to identify the optimal ecological space of the species, develop recommendations for the storage and restoration of populations that are threatened with extinction; Identification of features of ontogenesis and ontogenetic structures of rare and endangered species; Determine the features of the formation of historical and modern ranges of rare and endangered species based on bioclimatic factors in the MaxEnt program; The objects of the study are the distribution of the population of coenotics and the compilation of GIZ maps reflecting the state of vitality; Based on the results obtained, develop recommendations for expanding the boundaries of specially protected natural territories of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Creating a collection of the gene pool of rare and endangered species.

Achievements of the laboratory

the laboratory was founded in 2021 year

Information about the researchers


Abduraimov Ozodbek Sultonqulovich
PhD., Senior Researcher, Head of the Laboratory Population Biology and Plant Ecology.

Saribayeva Shaxnoza

Saribaeva Shakhnoza Usanovna
Candidate of Biological Sciences., Senior Researcher.


Mahmudov Azizbek Valijonovich
PhD, Senior Researcher.

Allamurotov Akmal

Allamurotov Akmal Lola ugli
Junior researcher.


Mavlanov Bekzod Jurabekovich
Junior researcher

Mamatqosimov Odilbek To`rayevich

Mamatqosimov Odilbek Turayevich
Junior researcher

Research projects

1. “Assessment of the current state of populations and creation of a living collection of economically valuable species of wild relatives of cultivated plants of the flora of Uzbekistan” (2021-2024 years)

Scientific work of the laboratory staff

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Monographs, manuals and recommendations

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Photo gallery of laboratory staff